Buying Has Changed. We Must Change Too.

A framework for sales teams designed to drive greater revenue, deeper relationships, and unforgettable buyer experiences.

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Why a Framework

It's time to meet buyers on their terms.

For too long we've forced buyers into a sales funnel just to get product information or see a basic demo. No more. People hate being sold to. Armed with endless amounts of data, analyst insights, and private peer communities; buyers are now in the driver seat when it comes to making a purchase. It's time for us to stop forcing buyers into our sales process and adapt how we engage with them. This framework is meant to accomplish just that.

We believe that pre-sales teams are a catalyst to bringing about this change. Uniquely positioned within an organization, pre-sales teams are the intersection of Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Product, and of course, the customer. It’s time for us to go beyond the label of “technical expert” and become the global translator of technical needs to key business outcomes.

Having a framework that focuses on the entire buying experience, and not just the sale itself, truly puts customers first. It changes the dynamic of the relationship (for the better) and enables us to build lasting partnerships instead of just adding a new logo to the roster. It's time for us to deliver unforgettable buying experiences and it starts with changing how we view sales in this modern, digitally driven world.

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The Voyager Framework

Step 00


Forget everything you know about selling, the world doesn't work that way anymore. This framework dives into the new way to sell.

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Step 01


It all begins with a story, your story. Before you start building connections you need to create a story that aligns with your buyers.

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Step 02


Stop measuring leads (these are people). Instead create connections and measure them in an entirely different way.

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Step 03


Relationships are the heart of sales. Build engagement among your audience by fostering the right relationships at the right time.

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Step 04


Whether you are selling to one person or an entire group, alignment is cornerstone of getting buy-in. Make sure the alignment remains strong.

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Step 05


Arm your champions, personalize your content, and shape what people will say about you and your solutions when you are not in the room.

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Step 06


Deals are won with data and the right story. Win the hearts and minds of your buyer on (buyer) experience, but close them with the right data.

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Step 07


Selling is complicated and takes time to master. To close out this framework we've compiled a list of resoruce to help you along your journey.

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