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Break into your first cybersecurity pre-sales role with guidance and templates to get you started quickly (plus we've got a roaring job board).

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Because they don't teach pre-sales in school. Get access to the ultimate learning resource for cybersecurity pre-sales professionals.

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A private community for cybersecurity pre-sales teams - because we've been there before and we've got your back.

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Our Vision

Build a new kind of pre-sales function based on real human connection

Having lived in the trenches of cybersecurity space for the last decade, we continue to see the same sales tactics used over and over again. The way buyers consume information has changed. The way buyers engage has changed. Why hasn't cybersecurity sales changed too?

We are on a mission to redfine the role of pre-sales within the cybersecurity industry. From amplifying the voice of the customer, to delivering amazing technical evaluations; we are shaping the future of the cybersecurity buying experience by helping pre-sales teams connect more deeply with their perfect customers.

Technical Sales Redefined

Buyer Experience Framework

B2B selling today needs to change and it starts with delivering a new type of buyer experience. Buyers want (immediate) access to products, information, and a trusted partner to help guide them (when they ask for it). With these demands in mind, we built this framework to help organizations deliver a new type of buying experience.

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buyer experience framework